The Dole Age

The Dole Age.jpgMaybe I’m just not of this world; my imagination struggles to accept things as they are, so that when I try to conceptualise how to resolve society’s ills, I can’t limit myself to what is ‘realistic’ or allowed by the status quo which our duplicit masters insist is permanent and unchallengeable.

The rulers, be they the corporate owners, the judiciary, the land owners, the royalty, the media barons and of course their representatives in parliament, have over decades developed, promoted and funded the most sophisticated artificial intelligence (search engines such as Google), military funded, corporate controlled spy ware (Facebook, Google again) and sophisticated techniques of mind control used widely in both the online and offline mass media in order to manipulate, pacify and isolate us until we disintegrate into submission and compliance.

You will go to work and if you don’t or can’t, then starve and die and be forever rejected by society and judged as useless. You will blame other poor people, you will stop caring about the most vulnerable (workers and students routinely ignore anyone who begs on the streets) and you have nobody but yourself to blame if life isn’t working out for you. You didn’t embrace Mindfulness group classes, you stopped taking those anti-depressants which don’t work and you keep up self destructive behaviours like drinking and drug taking sooo………. ‘What do you expect???’ Sigh the over-worked, under-paid and often barely functional themselves ‘professionals’ who have to squeeze in forty other people just like you in any given day – when you can get an appointment, that is.

At work, even if you are in a unionised workplace, more often than not, you may as well not be, because the ‘official’ trade unions are hand in glove with the employer AND the Labour Party which shares the bosses’ aversion to any form of workers’ militancy.  The bureaucrats bleat, ‘There’s no mood for strike action and the cuts can’t be stopped, so there’s no point even arguingI- a refrain from trade unions like Unison, an organisation which can’t even bring itself to encourage its members to attend anti-Tory party protests. Meanwhile, almost the entire so-called hard left champion Jeremy Corbyn – a mild, if well meaning parliamentarian unable to detach from the Labour right and the glimmer of power – as the saviour of the masses, rather than denounce the entire system and encourage working class people to organise ourselves and unite in collective protest action. Parliament isn’t a neutral institution ruling benevolently and independently of the class system in the interests of all, like a liberal philosopher’s wet dream; it is designed to maintain the ruling classes’ power, control and, above all else, their wealth, and keep us as obedient slaves.

Suck it up in the never ending story of The Dole Age? Nah, keep up the fist of resistance and keep on dreaming… One day.. One day.. We will wake up



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