WLRN Edition 22: The Politics of Love & Sexuality

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Women’s Liberation Radio News

WLRN’s Valentines Edition  begins with world headlines written and delivered by Jenna DiQuarto before featuring When You’re Gone, a moving song about love by the late great Dolores O’Riordan, lead singer for the Cranberries.

After the song, hear excerpts of an interview WLRN’s Sekhmet She Owl did for this edition with legendary lesbian feminist, Bev Jo. This interview segues nicely into the first of three mini-commentaries Sekhmet presents on lesbian relationships, heterosexual and bi relationships and friendships among women.

Hear excerpts of an interview Thistle did with WLRN’s Julia Beck, a reporter for the collective and staunch woman-loving-woman. Then, be moved to tears by listening to the song Harmless Love by Ferron.

Edition 22 concludes with excerpts of an interview Feminist Current‘s Meghan Murphy did with Meagan Tyler last month on the patriarchal nature of sex therapies for women and expectations of women to have and enjoy…

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Fur Coats From The Lion’s Den from Rufus Mufasa

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