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John Riddell

For a translation into Korean, see “Another World.” 

How did Communist parties handle issues of internal discipline and democracy in Lenin’s time? An intense discussion now under way within the British Socialist Workers’ Party (SWP) raises issues related to the nature of internal democracy in the Communist International (Comintern) during 1919–23, the period of its first four congresses.[1]

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Sexuality with a Social Conscience: Socialist and Atheist

The starting point is socialism, atheism and respect for equal consensual relationships. Sexuality exists independently of porn and PRECEDED porn in the marxian long view of human historical existence on this planet; this is evolutionary reality too .

The most generous thing one could say for Porn is that it is problematic. Using porn can not be done with a clean social conscience when you are informed – an essential feature of socialism is care and love for your sisters and brothers and porn and prostitution are both harmful, abusive and  the sexual and economic exploitation of women, children and men.

The modest aim is to seek both to educate and inform the labour movement of the actual realities for the many millions of women and girls, and yes boys and men too in this horrific trade and traffic of human beings. Their voices – our voices must be heard

Sexuality is one of evolution’s greatest gifts. It is to be cherished, respected and above all celebrated but for this aim we need to struggle in arms in the working class communities and fight to stop the cuts and get rid of this vile sociopathic government of multi millionaire capitalist scumbags and fight for a working class uprising against the bosses and capitalist parasites. Lutter / fight for socialism and yes for women’s rights