Sara Mayo’s resignation from the Socialist Party – her letter to Hannah Sell

My resignation letter this afternoon to Hannah Sell. I consider myself a member of CWI and hope to move abroad shortly. I hope to join another CWI section which fights for women’s rights, so long as you want me, of course. Please excuse the emotions I express in this email to Hannah but she has hurt me in the most profound way possible by claiming I’m a liar about what Les Woodward did to me and Hannah and E.C. support Les, against me, his victim. Comradely, Sara Mayo, former Deputy Branch Sec of Socialist Party Wales Cardiff South branch

Short Arguments


You continue to victim blame me and call me a liar for ‘overstating my own harm’. You are an appalling human being, directly responsible for causing me great pain and loss of confidence. If I chose to accept your version of events I would never be able to recover from this ordeal.

Worse, you are taking the side of Les – the sex criminal – even supporting his complaint, escalating it IMMEDIATELY to the appeals ctte, though I went thru the Wales E.C. and E.C. first! Adding further acid to your fire, you tell me Les’ appeal will be handled at the same time as mine.

Therefore, you do not care how much you are hurting me as a victim of sexual violence and you are directly trying to making this party unsafe for me for making me have contact with the man who has traumatised me.


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2 thoughts on “Sara Mayo’s resignation from the Socialist Party – her letter to Hannah Sell

  1. I’m really sorry to hear about your ordeal and heard about it from Allan Coote. I don’t know the man who assaulted you but this is outrageous. Although a man I am a survivor of sexual abuse and have tried to raise that issue within the CWI myself some years ago but didn’t get anywhere. i don’t know how far your appalling treatment is known but it’s an absolute scandal. You have my full sympathy and support. This is not Marxism.


    1. Hi Bruce, thanks SO much for your support here and sorry to hear you are a survivor of sexual abuse and that you didn’t get anywhere when you tried to raise it with the CWI in the past. It still hurts me every day how I was treated by these so-called ‘revolutionaries’ and even today I was in tears the rejection hurts so bad. I was a devoted member for over 12 years and will be a Bolshevik always. I agree with you – it’s so far from marxism it’s unbelievable. The E.C. have acted in a way comparable with the most rotten capitalist institutions – e.g. the BBC, the hierarchy of the Catholic Church (of course I’m not opposed to rank and file catholics who are their main victims) or the Liberal Democrats when dealing with exactly the same crisis of sexual abuse. It is the most disillusioning experience imaginable but I’m determined to fight on and somehow recover and fight not only for myself but all women and all victims of sexual violence and abuse as any socialist with any degree of sincerity and convictions and principles should do. And good luck at Belgium and thanks for reawakening my desire to study marxist economics (via the mighty Allan Coote of course)


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