Is the SWP Finished?

Ex SWP member denouces the SWP rape apologist cover up party

A Thousand Flowers

A Guest Post by B. Smeaton

First off, this piece is nothing which is either groundbreaking or adding new, controversial details into the scandal that is bringing down the Socialist Workers Party, an organisation in which I have spent the bulk of my political life. It is certainly not addressed to the party loyal which will no doubt write this off in the same way as Alex Callinicos, that this is merely the “dark side” of the internet, that it’s all lies, heresy and so forth. If this is you, I am not really interested in your judgement or response to this – I think the response of the organisation in recent months has been very clear, that it will sacrifice principle, members and resources to cover up the indefensible. The reports surfacing that the party’s Disputes Committee has in fact ruled on more allegations of rape than was previously…

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