Green Party must accept failings in its dealings with David Challenor

This is an exceptionally disturbing case of the most unspeakable paedophila and misogyny imaginable. The Green Party in Coventry knowingly had this gross abuser as a prominent activist despite his arrest. ‘Amy’s judgment was at best profoundly flawed and demonstrates a lack of any basic safeguarding knowledge and gross irresponsibility towards the rights of girls and women. Perhaps also a victim of this despicable man, ‘Amy’ is clearly vulnerable and unfit to be a policy advisor on equality or anything else for that matter. But my heart goes out to David Challenor’s young female victim. The traumas she has endured as a  result of this pervert and his complicit local party members is completely beyond the pale.  The Green Party’s attempt to cover up these profoundly disturbing events is unfortunately part of a common pattern of organisational misogyny and rampant male predators in ‘leadership’ party positions across the soft and hard left r.e.  the Socialist Worker’s Party rape cover up scandal and The Socialist Party’s protection of male sex predators and public victimisation of the female survivors including my own case with the latter party.

The growing evidence of left wing parties from the mainstream (Labour and The Greens, for example) and the hard left (Trots and anarchists) consistently prioritising men’s so called sex rights (no one has the right to sex) and silencing women in their groups / parties is now overwhelming; this is why Radical and Socialist Feminism is reviving, new and older women activists are organising and drawing conclusions from the commonality of our experiences of being victimised, labelled (‘mad’, ‘man-hater’, ‘liar’, ‘SWERF’ and ‘TERF’ – I’ve been called all these and a lot worse), witch-hunted and ostracised and no platformed by so called ‘comrades’. We are reaching the most serious crisis of purpose, integrity and vision on the left which only weakens our class struggle to the sole benefit of our ruling class masters.  No more male violence and abuse against girls and women. We get a grip now or never.

Green Party must accept failings in its dealings with David Challenor

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