Transgender Trend Schools Resource Pack Crowdfunder appeal back up!

This is an excellent resource. Let’s get it into as many schools and colleges as possible to counter balance the pseudo-scientifique, corporate propaganda of Mermaids and other Trans profiteers / campaigners own ‘trans inclusive’ school packs which push sexist, unscientific and medically unnecessary and potentially dangerous surgery and / or hormonal treatment on children. Please support the campaign

Anti-Porn Feminists

We are a group of parents based in the UK, who are concerned about the current trend to diagnose ‘gender non-conforming’ children as transgender. We reject current conservative, reactionary, religious-fundamentalist views about sexuality and we have no political affiliation. We are also concerned about legislation which places transgender rights above the right to safety for girls and young women in public bathrooms and changing rooms.

We come from diverse backgrounds, some with expertise in child development and psychology, some who were themselves extreme gender non-conforming children and adolescents, some whose own children have self-diagnosed as ‘trans’ and some who know supportive trans adults who are also questioning recent theories of ‘transgenderism.’

Our work is voluntary, non-profit and unpaid, so we rely on personal donations to keep going. Our work includes research, travel to events, letter-writing (to government ministers, health professional bodies, the NHS, the BBC etc), media interviews, press…

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